Video Gallery
We hope you enjoy watching these production samples presented here for your enjoyment.

Lauren and Michael Ricci
A Testimonial
(and special highlights video)

Lauren  and  Michael  called to share how they felt about having Brycin Productions as their wedding videographer. Since their comments were audio in nature, we put together this short highlights video so you can share their New Hampshire wedding video experiences at the same time. Read Lauren (Tellier) Ricci's comments about her experience with Brycin Productions on our testimonials page.


Children's Circle Nursery School
Promotional Video

Located in So. Dartmouth at the Congregational Church, this pre-school has it all.  If you have pre-school aged children, you will be surprised at the rewarding opportunities for learning as presented here.



"50th Anniversary"
Custom Photo Montage

NPVA Vista Award Winner!

This type of photo montage incorporates many special visual effects and is meticulously edited to the rhythm  of the music.  The first line of each musical stanza describes what you are watching visually in that particular segment.  This program was presented on large screen projection to the family and friends of the anniversary couple as a surprise to everyone.  This is an especially emotional video and captured the hearts of everyone involved.  Perhaps it'll bring a tear to your eyes too!


Kimberly and Sean
A 100 Picture Photo Montage


Lauren and Michael
Wedding Highlights Video

This "Wedding Highlights" video recaps the day's memorable events in an exciting and entertaining way.


Karen & Keith "And so it begins..."
A Love Story
 NPVA Vista Award Winner!

A Love Story Video Portrait is a beautifully edited documentary style  production  on how you met and fell in love.  This can be as creative or as special as you want it to  be. It can be funny, or a re-enactment of how you met.  This is filmed usually two or three months before the wedding at up to two different locations with you and your fiancÚ.  It will include in-depth interviews, 30 still pictures, any video clips you may have of your courtship to enhance the story, and is elegantly produced with specially selected background music. This is your opportunity to tell the world how you came to spend your lives together.  This special 7-10 minute video can usually be created in time to be played during your rehearsal dinner or reception. 

75 Years of Memories
A Birthday Celebration Photo Montage